Integrated Design Process Assistance

Our lab provides a wide range of services to Montana's architects and other professionals in the building industry. As the building industry begins to move towards an integrated design process, IDL Bozeman is prepared to offer assistance to firms seeking to transition from traditional design to a new type of design process. We can help you with learning about the integrated design process, preparing for design charettes, and serve as energy efficiency consultants throughout the design process.

As building projects become more and more complex, a transition toward an integrated delivery process is key.  Integrated delivery focuses on the active and continuing participation of all players involved in the building process.  An integrated delivery process is achieved through clear articulation of performance targets and strategies and the ability of team members to creatively seek solutions to complex design problems. 

At IDL Bozeman, we offer specific services for each step in the integrated delivery process.


Modeling and Analysis

Our lab provides free modeling and analysis for commercial projects throughout the state of Montana.  We use a mixture of digital and physical modeling to analyze spaces in proposed building designs or current buildings considering retrofits in the following areas: daylighting, electric lighting, and energy efficiency. For every project we provide a report that displays our findings and recommendations. At the Integrated Design Lab, we incorporate a wide array of software and physical modeling tools to better assess design decisions. We utilize many programs to better facilitate an integrated approach to the design process.


Here is a list of programs that we use:

  • Autodesk Revit Architecture
  • AutoCAD
  • Google Sketch-Up
  • Lighting Analysts AGI-32
  • eQuest/DOE2
  • Autodesk Ecotect


As part of our service, we promote the process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to better enable an Integrated Project Delivery. This process will help to reduce errors, encourage better efficiency and sustainable design practices, and it can save money. Contact us to learn more about our modeling and analysis services!


Training and Workshops 

In addition to modeling and analysis work, our lab hosts several training seminars and workshops throughout the year, including two annual workshops from Seattle's Lighting Design Lab team. We also research and put together our own training sessions on such things as lighting design, daylighting, eQUEST, the integrated design process, and Ecotect. Whether its an afternoon workshop or a lunch seminar, IDL Bozeman can help you stay informed about the latest resources in energy efficient design. Contact us today to set up a training or workshop on the subject of your choice.

BetterBricks Training and Workshop Calendar

"BetterBricks partners with leading local and national organizations to offer a variety of professional education opportunities for building professionals that emphasize the benefits and strategies to achieve energy efficiency in their buildings. These workshops, seminars, and conferences provide professional and technical opportunities for the commercial building community to better incorporate energy efficiency into their business practices."

Link to AIA Montana Events Calendar 

Link to USGBC Montana Chapter


Consulting Services

Our lab provides consulting services to Montana architects working on commercial projects.  Depending on the situation, we can also help set up additional consulting services with specialists to assist on large commercial projects. Contact us for more information.