The following are FREE design guides from IDL Bozeman and other websites to help you with daylighting and energy efficiency.

ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides

The American Society of Heating, Refridgerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, in conjunction with several other organizations including the American Institute of Architects, has created several design guides to help achieve 30% energy savings over ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-1999. Free pdf downloads are available for guides about K-12 schools, small retail buildings, small office buildings, and small warehouses. 

ASHRAE Greentips

ASHRAE has published a GreenGuide (not free) that contains useful information for those working on green design projects.  They have extracted their GreenTips from this publication and are offering them free to the public.  Click on the link above and look for the link in the last paragraph that will take you to their GreenTips. 

Daylighting Pattern Guide

This is a design guide by the University of Idaho about windows and shading principles and devices.  

Energy Design Guidelines for High Performance Schools: Cool and Dry Climates (.pdf file)

Energy Design Resources Design Guidelines

This website, created by the southern California energy consulting firm, GeoPraxis, is an excellent resource for design strategy information. This link connects you with guidelines about HVAC systems, commissioning, daylighting, and skylight design. 

IDL Bozeman Design Guide: MT Daylight Design Guide (Full Manual .pdf file)

Check out one of the latest resources from IDL | Bozeman! Introducing a simple design guide to help you with designing windows and shading. We've included:

  • basic window and daylighting terms and definitions
  • rules of thumb for horizontal and vertical shading
  • tips for Montana window and shading design
  • glazing and shading recommendations for north, south, east, and west elevations

IDL Design Guide: Daylighting Museums Guide (.pdf file)

This simple design guide will help you with designing daylit museums. We've included:

  • why it is important to daylight museums
  • the basics of museum daylighting
  • rules of thumb for design
  • generic building sections for possible daylighting schemes
  • information about lighting art and artifacts
  • examples and case studies of successful daylit museums and galleries