Montana State University and Aaon Inc. have been collaborated since early 2001.During this time MSU and Aaon personnel have worked on the development and implementation of an HVAC psychrometric testing facility at the MSU campus.

After completion of this facility in late 2002, MSU personnel began studying the concept of reheat in air-conditioning equipment.  In late 2003 the initial research contract with Aaon expired, after which time MSU and Aaon personnel began discussion on future plans for a new and improved research facility at MSU.

These discussions led to two new contracts regarding an upgrade of the current testing facility and future research between MSU and Aaon.  The Facilities Construction contract, initiated in 2003, was primarily used to pay for the new construction. The new facilities were operational for a ribbon-cutting ceremony in April 2006.

Since 2001 Aaon has contributed more than $1.2M in donations and research contracts to MSU.  The current Aaon grant was initiated in 2007 with an end date of 2010. Because of Aaon’s strong support and dedication to MSU, a state-of-the-art psychometric testing facility is complete with expectations of long-term research and testing commitments between MSU and Aaon.


Major Contributors

AAON Corporation 

Norman Asbjornson, President/CEO

AAON is a world leader in creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments, efficiently, through the manufacture of premium HVAC equipment. AAON has donated over 1.2 million dollars to help MSU develop the psychrometric chamber in EPS. They have also donated the equipment for the remote research site on Jackrabbit Lane. 

AAON's CEO, Norman Asbjornson, is a former graduate of the mechanical engineering program at MSU. He was born and raised in Winifred, MT. Asbjornson maintains close ties to Montana and MSU, and has generously donated not only to the HVAC lab, but also has provided a 1 million dollar permanent scholarship endowment as well as numerous donations of equipment around the state.

Mechanical Technology Incorporated 

Jack Goe HVAC Endowment