The following resources provide excellent information about everything you ever needed to know about daylighting. Click on the underlined text to reach the selected resources.

Daylight Dividends

This research program is funded jointly by several organizations, including IDL - Bozeman sponsor, BetterBricks.  The website provides access to many resources and case studies demonstrating the practices and benefits of daylighting.

Windows and Window Treatments - Daylight Dividends

This portion of the Daylight Dividends website is specifically a compilation of information about blinds, light shelves, shading devices, windows, and window treatments.

The Daylight Site

From Velux A/S, this site contains articles and links about improving the quality of daylight in spaces.


Other Resources

AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects Awards

This AIA site lists the projects that have received the Top Ten Green Projects Awards for the past 12 years and provides case studies for each. 

Montana Chapter USGBC Green Buildings

The Montana USGBC chapter has put together some case studies of LEED certified buildings in Montana.

DOE High Performance Buildings Database

The US Department of Energy's database of 107 case studies, searchable by name, owner, location, building type, etc.

Build Green Schools - USGBC

Building Green

Provides information about a wide variety of building typologies.