IDL Bozeman worked with CTA Bozeman to investigate the daylighting opportunities within the new Greater Yellowstone Coalition Headquarters in Bozeman, MT. Click on the picture to get more information about the project and process.


Greater Yellowstone Coalition


The GYC Headquarters Building received LEED Gold Certification and recycled building elements not only aided in earning the certification, but also helped improve the lighting conditions of the historic building.

Retrofitting the original 1913 Gallatin Valley Seed Company Building included adding storefront glazing to the old garage doors to allow more daylight to enter the building and improve the interior light quality and levels.


Several different lighting studies were conducted to find the optimal daylighting strategy for the building. Light levels were measured in hallways, offices, and common areas to gain a holistic perspective of how daylight could enter the building.


The lighting simulations measured light levels on several days throughout the year, at several times throughout each day to evaluate the effectiveness of the various strategies during a typical year in Bozeman.