IDL Bozeman worked with Intrinsik Architecture to optimize the electric lighting efficiency within the Downtown Bozeman Community Co-Op in Bozeman, MT.

Bozeman Co-Op

 T5 fluorescent lighting provides uniform illumination for spaces such as the salad bar and the deli counter, which are located deeper in the space and do not have access to adequate daylight.


T5 fluorescents and LEDs combine to provide uniform illumination and accent lighting that works in conjunction with natural daylighting.In the kitchen, direct/indirect fixtures create adequate lighting for all tasks as well as creating a sense of brightness in the room.


In 2010, IDL Bozeman tested several types of light fixtures and used pseudo-color imaging to ensure adequate light levels on the display surfaces throughout the Co-Op.


Lighting simulation results prompted a recommendation of daylight controls and switching controls for the electric lighting to provide energy savings when the north end of the Co-Op received adequate daylight contribution.