IDL Bozeman worked with High Plains Architects to maximize daylighting and optimize the electric lighting efficiency within the Crow Mercantile in the Crow Indian Reservation in south central Montana. Click on the picture to get more information about the project and process.

Several different lighting studies were conducted to create the optimal lighting strategy for the mercantile. The mercantile is LEED registered and anticipating certification at the platinum level.

Crow Mercantile

The mercantile lighting strategy employed skylights, side lighting, and electric lighting to provide uniform illumination for both the display shelves and the aisles.

The large central Kalwall skylights provide softer, diffuse lighting to help reduce the amount of electric lighting fixtures needed in the mercantile.

Digital simulations were conducted to test several different lighting strategies that mixed combinations of clear and Kalwall glazing for windows and skylights to find the best daylighting solution for the mercantile. The electric lighting layout for the Crow Mercantile mixes spot lights, pendant lights, and rectangular fluorescent lights to produce adequate illumination levels throughout the entire space.