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Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, faculty, staff and friends, the MSU School of Architecture offers over 40 scholarships totaling more than $80,000 each year. The vast majority of these scholarships have been setup as endowments, ensuring that these scholarships will be awarded to students each and every year. Some scholarships are established in memory of loved ones, former teachers, and former employers, while others are established by firms and industry groups to support the education of our next generation of architects. The School of Architecture greatly appreciates the ongoing support from all of these scholarships.

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Endowed Scholarships

The following scholarships are provided through endowments established through the MSU Alumni Foundation as of June 2022. The original year the scholarship was created is shown in parenthesis.


  • Robert Rea Esgar Memorial Scholarship, (1967)


  • Arthur K. and E. Louis Herrington Scholarship (1973)
  • Hurlbert C. and Myrtle H. Cheever Scholarship, (1979)
  • Shirlie White Memorial Scholarship, (1979)


  • Mary Elizabeth McClure Memorial Architecture Scholarship (1981)
  • Hugo Eck Memorial Scholarship, (1989)


  • Bob and Karin Utzinger Honorary Endowment Scholarship, (1990)
  • Bill and Betty Eaton Memorial Pella Windows and Doors 2nd Year Design Competition Award, (1991)
  • School of Architecture Scholarship, (1992)
  • Roscoe Hope Ackerly III Memorial Scholarship, (1994)
  • Francis Shields Woods Memorial, Woods Prize in Architecture, (1994)
  • Harold C. and S. Margaret Rose Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in 1st year Design, (1995)
  • Christie Family Retention Scholarship (1996)
  • Ivan L. Leigland Memorial Scholarship, (1997)
  • Alston G. and Thelma O. Guttersen Pursuit of Excellence in Architecture Scholarship, (1998)
  • Ingrid and Steffen Doerstling Excellence Scholarship, (1998)    


  • Bergum Architecture Design Award, (2002)
  • Pamela J. Hill Scholarship for Women in Architecture, (2002)
  • Locati I Scholarship, (2005)
  • Nachtsheim and Nordling Architectural Scholarship, (2005)
  • AIA Montana Endowed Scholarship, (2006)
  • Dowling Sandholm Architects Scholarship, (2006)
  • Jon R. Jurgens Architecture Scholarship, (2006)
  • Marty Crennen FAIA Architecture Scholarship, (2007)
  • Lowell and Mary Springer Scholarship in Honor of Herb Agocs, (2006)
  • ALSC Architects Scholarship, (2008)
  • Crossman-Whitney-Griffin Scholarship, (2008)    
  • Leadership for the Profession Award, (2008)
  • Mosaic Architecture Scholarship, (2008)
  • Richard D. Stevens Memorial Scholarship, (2008)
  • SMA Architects Scholarship, (2008)
  • Great falls Society of Architects Scholarship, (2009)


  • Locati II Scholarship, (2012)
  • Terry and Leslie Jackson Architecture Scholarship, (2013)
  • Merlyn H. Miller Memorial Scholarship, (2014)
  • Steven Kwok and Margaret Fitzgerald Family Scholarship, (2015)
  • Bill and Meredith Gisness Scholarship, (2016)
  • Woodward R. and Amy L. Smith Architecture Scholarship, (2017)A & E Scholarship, (2018)
  • Slate Architecture Scholarship (2018)
  • Bechtle Architects Scholarship (2019)
  • Cushing Terrell Design Award, (2019)


In addition to the above endowed scholarships, other scholarships are provided by individuals and organizations as annual scholarships.