Students in the third year of the curriculum create buildings with well-integrated systems—synthesizing the design qualities of light, space, structure skin and movement. By gathering, assessing, and evaluating environmental, programmatic and technical information and performance, students create sustainable buildings and site design with well-integrated systems. Companion courses provide students with the necessary understanding of structural systems, building assembly systems and passive and active environmental control systems. Field trips to urban centers expand the context and site complexity that students explore during this year.

Major Courses

During the third year of the program students take required architecture courses that emphasize design, digital applications, building systems, structural systems and tectonics.


Fall Semester    Credits
ARCH 331 Environmental Controls I 4
ARCH 343 Architectural Structures I 4
ARCH 355 Architectural Design III 5
ARCH 363 Architectural Graphics III 3
Total   16
Spring Semester   Credits 
ARCH 332 Environmental Controls II 4
ARCH 340 Building Construction II 4
ARCH 344 Architectural Structures II 4
ARCH 356 Architectural Design IV 5
Total   17
Summer Semester (optional) Credits
ARCH 414 Architectural Study Abroad 9
ARCH 428 Foreign Study History 3
Total   12


Curriculum Degree Plan 

Advising Notes

Each semester preregistration for the upcoming semester occurs during midterms. As a student in the Environmental Design program, students receive group advising during either studio or companion courses. During this group advising session, Rachael Ortego, the Director of Student Services will discuss the registration process and distribute important advising information such as Registration PDF’s and Advising Notes. Each semester the Advising Notes will also be posted on Brightspace (D2L). Students will be notified of their group advising time prior to the second month of each semester.