Students in the second year of the environmental design program build upon the design and systems thinking developed in their fundamental design studios. Their second-year design studio projects require that they analyze, evaluate and apply not only site/context responses but also the insight from precedents to guide and inform their design solutions. In addition, students use organizational and environmental principles to guide their design decisions as they learn and apply the basic life-safety and accessible standard to their projects. Students develop an understanding of the broad spectrum of architectural history as well as the technical aspects of building construction. Digital fabrication methods, and digital drawing and modeling techniques accompany further develop of hand/analog design communication methods.

Major Courses

During the second year of the program a student will take required architecture courses as well as core curriculum courses. For a course to count as either a Degree Requirement or a CORE course towards graduation requirements a student must receive at least a C- or better.


Fall Semester    Credits
ARCH 253 Architectural Design I 5
ARCH 261 Architectural Graphics I 3
ARCH 322IA World Architecture I 3
Univ. Core (W, US, D, CS, R/IH, R/IN, or R/IS) 3-6
Total   14-17
Spring Semester   Credits 
ARCH 241 Building Construction I 3
ARCH 254 Architectural Design II 5
ARCH 262 Architectural Graphics II 3
ARCH 323IA World Architecture II 3
Univ. Core (W, US, D, CS, R/IH, R/IN, or R/IS) 3
Total   17


Curriculum Degree Plan

Advising Notes

Each semester preregistration occurs around the midterm of the current semester for the upcoming semester. As a student in the Environmental Design program students receive group advising during either studio or companion courses. During this group advising session, Rachael Ortego, the Director of Student Services will discuss the registration process and distribute important advising information such as Registration PDF’s and Advising Notes. Each semester the Advising Notes will also be posted on Brightspace (D2L). Students will be notified of their group advising time prior to the second month of each semester.