About DegreeWorks 

DegreeWorks is a web-based degree planning and audit system designed to help students and academic advisors monitor progress toward degree completion. You can check degree progress, plan for upcoming semesters, and even see how your courses might apply to a new major if you decide to change majors or add a minor. It also allows for advising notes and provides a place to create semester plans. DegreeWorks provides an accessible, convenient, and organized way for students to monitor their academic standing and track their progress toward earning a degree. 

Watch a short video on DegreeWorks at Montana State University.

DegreeWorks Information and Feature Guide

DegreeWorks Login

  • Visit www.montana.edu
  • Click on "Students" link in the upper left corner
  • Log into MyInfo
  • Under the "Student Services" tab click "DegreeWorks"

MSU Core Requirements

Montana State University CORE Requirements


Schedule of MSU Core classes

Non Architecture Electives

Please note that in addition to fulfilling degree requirements, students are required to have a minimum of 45 course credits from outside of the Architecture department to complete the Master of Architecture degree requirements. For tuition purposes most students take these non-Architecture electives prior to finishing their Bachelor’s Degree. The courses taken to fulfill CORE count towards these 45 hours. If the CORE is fulfilled, a student should begin to take additional non-architecture courses.