If a student is interested in transferring to the MSU School of Architecture from another Architecture program, placement into the MSU program will be based on an evaluation of the student's portfolio.

Transfer Students with Previous Architecture Studies

Students wishing to transfer directly into the second year or higher of the SoA program must submit a portfolio of work to the MSU School of Architecture by May 1. The portfolio should include all design work a student has completed. There is no length limit on the portfolio. In addition a student must submit and unofficial transcript of work completed. Students wishing to gain entrance to the program should have taken both a Math and Physics course prior to applying. The Math course should be Pre-Calculus or Calculus and the Physics course should be a College Physics. These two courses are required as they are pre-requisites for other courses in the Architecture program. Transfer students will have their portfolios evaluated as part of the normal application process. Students will be notified about their potential placement into the MSU Architecture program by mid-June. Students must also complete the General Transfer Student application with the MSU Admissions Office. Interested students should send materials directly to the School of Architecture at:
160 Cheever Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717-3760

Transfer Students with no prior Architecture Studies

A student interested in transferring to the MSU School of Architecture who has taken no previous Architecture courses should apply as a general transfer student. Students in this category will be required to take the standard first year Architecture courses and apply for admittance into the program. Transfer coursework will be evaluated by the MSU Admissions Office and applied to MSU degree requirements. In most cases, transfer work will be count toward general education degree requirements.

MSU School of Architecture does offer an Intensive first year summer program open to second degree and transfer students. This program takes the first year of the program coursework and compresses it to a 12-week summer program. This allows second degree and transfer students to maximize their time to complete all coursework. The intensive summer program is set up for students who have completed the Pre-Calculus and Physics requirements. On average there are 12-15 students who participate in the summer program.

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