The Masters of Architecture Degree is comprised of 42 credits over the duration of three semesters of graduate study. Throughout this graduate program, students enroll in various studios, required technical courses and graduate electives intended to emphasize the development of a critical position with regard to the environment and architecture.

The Master of Architecture professional degree is a Plan C program (professional paper or project plan). The M.ARCH program is designed with 3 studios, 3 required courses and 14 credits of graduate electives of a student’s choosing. The required studios engage students at various levels. This includes a comprehensive design studio, experimental/investigative studio and an individual thesis studio project.

Graduate Design Studios

ARCH 558- 6 credits Comprehensive Arch Studio- This studio fulfills the NAAB requirements for a terminal studio and is also inclusive of all components of the field. This includes but is not limited to; structural systems, environmental controls, life safety, construction documents, etc. This studio is designed to evaluate a student’s  competency in areas of Architecture and serves to cover the Comprehensive Exam required of all graduate programs. The Comprehensive Design Studio is best described as a programatically complex problem with an underlying agenda or theoretical component. The Comprehensive Design Studio should be considered as the most challenging structured studio experience that a student will undertake within the School of Architecture

ARCH 551-6 Credits  Advanced Architecture Studio- Design projects which explore specific critical positions with regard to contemporary architectural issues. Research and analysis of theoretical positions are emphasized along with the development of contemporary methods, models and techniques for analysis. This studio potentially explores Architecture in non-traditional ways and may or may not result in an actual building design.  

ARCH 560- 6 Credits  Masters Studio Project - Architectural design project that builds upon prior research investigations with an emphasis placed on analysis, synthesis, evaluation and development of a design solution from conceptual design through schematic/design development.

Required Courses

ARCH 526 -3 credits Advanced Architectural Theory- 3 credits

ARCH 535-  3 credits Advanced Building Systems- 3 credits

ARCH 575- 4 credits Research Paper (Thesis Research) 4 credits

Additional Graduate Electives

Elective courses are of a student’s choice.  Each semester elective descriptions will be available to students.  Examples of electives are ARCH 533‐ Advanced ECS, ARCH 564 ‐Advanced Graphics, ARCH 525‐ Special Design Topics, etc

Flowchart for the 3 semester graduate program: