Advising is an important component of a student's educational success. Advising provides students with specific milestones by which to gauge their progress and plan their upcoming semesters and educational experiences. MSU provides a wide range of advising resources at the university level for students in our program.

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In the School of Architecture, advising occurs in three different settings: faculty advising, group advising and individual advising.

Academic advisor Allie Frazier

Allie Frazier

Academic Advisor
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   Cheever 140
   (406) 994-2925


Faculty Advisor

Students are assigned a faculty member as their academic advisor when they are formally accepted into the second year of the Environmental Design program and at the graduate level when they enter the Master of Architecture program. Students will meet individually with their academic advisor each semester to discuss their current progress and future path through their respective curriculum.

Group Advising

General advising sessions for each cohort--i.e. First-year students, second-year students, etc.--takes place each semester prior to course registration for the following semester. These sessions utilize the D2L advising course shell for each cohort. Announcements, general information and advising resources are shared with students through the D2L advising course shell.

Individual Advising

Students can schedule an advising meeting with the School of Architecture primary advisory to discuss both general and specific curriculum, registration, and graduation issues.


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