Spring 2020

Randy Haffer - Sustainable Architecture

Kris Palagi - Design Build

Randy Haffer - Living: A Building Challenge 

Maytum + Leddy - Design Excellence for a Climate Positive World

Rachel Tang - Art and Rural Gentrification

Rebekah Levine - Meandering Ecosystems 

John Murie - Moccasin Exhibition 

Fall 2019

LA Moss - Under-Served Communities

Dawn Carlton - Graphics

Wilkinson + Steiner - Yellowstone Ecology, Urban Ecology

Henry Sorenson - Photography

Shawna + Chris Meyer - Fabrication 

Ashley Fuchs - Multi-discipline / technology

Devin Jernigan - Parameltrics

Pliny Fisk - Sustainability

Sarah Mohland - Socail Issues

Stephen Talasnik - Bridging art / architecture

Barry Long - Urban Planning 

Spring 2019

Billie Faircloth
Ciaran Fitzgerald
Bryony Roberts - A recording of her lecture In Discrete Architecture

Fall 2018

Dan Harding - At HAND
Caitlin Taylor, MASS Studios - Provisional Architecture: Designing Just Food Systems
Atelier Mey - Buoyant Clarity
David Csont - 30 Years as an Illustrator

Spring 2018

Film Screening: Windshield with panel discussion - Elissa Brown, John Brittingham and Susanne Cowan
Celia Bertoia - A Daughter Carries on Her Father's Legacy
Eric Logan: Carney Logan Burke - Practice, Pragmatism and the Wild West:
Seth Grizzle and Mark von Rosenstiel - Celebration of the Mundane
Andy Vernooy: Black & Vernooy - Tectonic Regionalism
Bennett Neiman - Bebop Variations

Fall 2017

Ronald Omyonga - Building Hope
Peter Turnbull - Sustainability? Zero Net Energy? Why Would a Utility do THAT?
James Carpenter and Joe Weller: JCDA - Light in the Public Realm
Wes Jones - Purposfullness
Joe Skibba - An Evolution of Architectural Rendering, the Love of the Craft
David Heymann - Thoughts on the Difficulty of Aesthetic Experience in Sustainable Architecture

Spring 2017

Vishaan Chakrabarti: Pau - Architecture and the Public Metropolis
Alfredo Brillembourg: Urban-Think Tank - Listen to the People: Low Cost Housing from the Global South
Ben Lloyd, Erik Nelson, Rob Pertzborn and Ralph Johnson - Housing in the Gallatin Valley: Panel Discussion
Jack Smith, FAIA - In Scale with the Mountains

Fall 2016

Chris Livingston - Destination Zawiya Ahansal:  Eight Years on the Ground in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco
Walt Niehoff, LMN - Going Beyond
Susanne Lewis, Paul Bertelli, John Brittingham - Avatar:  The Edges of Yellowstone
Frank M. Costantino - Process, Sequence, Illustration (DCA Keynote)

Spring 2016

Sheila Kennedy, FAIA, KVA - MIX, MIX, MAX, MIN
Frank Barkow, Barkow Leibinger -  SPIELRAUM
Lisa Iwamoto, Iwamoto Scott Archtecture

Fall 2015

Leo Marmol, FAIA, Marmol Radziner - Why We Build
Bill Zahner - Intersection of Architecture and Art
MASS Design Group - Roll of Architecture Beyond the Building Itself
Henry Sorenson - Travel to New Zealand and Australia
Ralph Johnson
John Brittingham - Rome Studio Summer 2015
Fatih Rifki

Spring 2015

Luis Longhi - Architecture & Identity
Laura Hartman, Fernau + Hartman Architects - INSIDE OUTSIDE / OUTSIDE INSIDE
Curt Fentress, Fentress Architects - Touchstones of Design: [re]defining Public Architecture
Mitch Cope, Design 99 - Zen and the Art of Garbage Hunting

Fall 2014

James R. McDonald, AIA - Old Faithful Inn "Old House" Renovation
Tom Hootman, RNL - Net Zero Energy Architecture
Anuradha Mathur and Dilip Da Cunha - LINES, COASTLINES and DESIGN
Josh Shelton, El Dorado - Building Practice

Spring 2014

Brian Court, Miller | Hull - Performance Driven Design:  the Bullitt Center
Christopher Marcinkoski and Andrew Moddrell of PORT architecture | urbanism - Agency
Courtney Kramer, Bozeman Historic Preservation Officer - Montana Modern & the School of Architecture
E J Engler, Medicine Hat, Inc. - Toward a Continuous Practice
Chris Mead, University of New Mexico - The Architecture of Bart Prince: A Pragmatics of Place

Fall 2013

Byoungsoo Cho, BCHO Architects - My Architecture, My Idea: Learning from Montana Agricultural Building and Eastern Philosophy
Vincent Canizaro, University of Texas San Antonio - Regionalism & Realism
Rick Joy, Rick Joy Architects - Staging Life: Place Seeking, Place Reading and Place Making
Henry Sorenson - Blow Horn: India Road Shots and More

Summer 2013

Sean Burkholder, SUNY Buffalo - What Not to Do: Reconsidering the Urban Landscapes of the Great Lakes Region

Spring 2013

David Salmela, Salmela Architects - Is Regional Architecture Valid?
Craig Dykers, Snohetta - Can Architects Promote Civility?
Thomas Bitnar, Bitnar Architects - European Architecture Experience

Fall 2012

Stanley Saitowitz, Natoma Architects

Joseph Biondo
Don MacArthur

Elizabeth Day - Painting the Future

Summer 2012

Adrea Graziano
Donald MacDonald - Bridging Architecture: From Homeless Huts to Free Span
Ron Shvartsman
Brian Brush


Spring 2012

Julie Eizenberg - Further West
Peter Stutchbury - Architecture of the Edge
Jeff Kovel - Serious Play: Identity and Innovation in Recession
Keiran Murphy - Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin


Fall 2011

Dick Sneary - Overlapping Influences: Architecture Illustration and Painting
Citizen Architect
Marlon Blackwell - Transmutations of Place
Martin Summers - Reflexivity
Sarah Mockbee


Summer 2011

Brian Brush / Yong Ju Lee
Lance Walters - Technology in Design
Klaus Mayer - Climate Culture & Technology
Shane Salisbury
Monica Wittig


Spring 2011

Henry Sorenson - Bolivia and Peru: History of Design
Paul Bertelli - Heterodoxy: Art in Architecture
Patricia Patkau - Siting Strategies
Derek Porter - Intersect Interact Integrate Intervene: Spatial Engagement of Light
Will Bruder - Making an Architecture of People and Place in the Digital Age
Mary Ellen Carroll - Architecture is not Art


Fall 2010

Ulrich Dengel
Coleman Coker


Spring 2010

Peter Pfeiffer - Leadership Through Sustainable Design
Teddy Cruz - Radicalizing the Local: 60 Linear Miles of Trans-border Conflict
Sarah Sabiston - The Politics of Design in Western Resort Communities
Kristen Murray - Olson Kundig Architects: Studies in Scale and Setting
Wendell Bernette - Crafting Space
Charles Ross - Star Axis: Sculpture to Observe the Stars

Fall 2009

Fatih Rifki
Henry Sorenson
David Fortin
Peter Jahnke
Lori Ryker


Spring 2009

Ronald Omyonga - Building Community Shareholders
Daniel R. Stube - Making Sausage
Peter Testa - Extreme Textiles
Branko Kolarevic - Manufacturing Material Effects
Guy Nordenson - Engineering Ephemera

Fall 2008

James Gurney
Ferd Johns
Reed Kroloff
M. Scott Lockard
James R. McDonald
Barry Newton
Hadrian Predock
Derek Strahn


Spring 2008

Mark Anderson  and Peter Anderson - Ladders, Bladders and Blue Sky
Dayna Baumeister - Creating Habitat Conditions Conducive to Life
Coleman Coker - Thoughts and Buildings
Jack MacAllister - Seven Strategies for Building a Design-first Culture and Practice
William Massie - American House '08
Dan Rockhill - The Work of Rockhill & Associates and Studio 804

Fall 2007

Mariano Arias-Diez - Parametric Design & Digital Fabrication
Ivana & Jan Benda - China Today
Paul Bertelli
John Brittingham
Luis Longhi - Longhi Architecture on Stage
Ralph Johnson - Best Building Practices in the Northern Rockies
Mark McInturff
Holly Porter - Emerging Practice in the United Kingdom
Tom Porter - The Language of Colour


Spring 2007

Terry Beaubois
Jeremy Harris - The Role of Architects in Building Sustainable Cities
Ferd Johns - Traditional Desgin Methodology Revisited
Antoine Predock - Current Works
Nader Tehrani - Computer-aided Manufacturing

Fall 2006

Catherine Herbst
Robert Ivy - Where in the World is Architecture?
Grace Kim
Mathias Klotz Germain
Mark Nelson - Drawing and Power
Celeste Novak - What's DAT? - AIA and Sustainable Design Assessments
Frank Schlesinger - Courtyards Sacred and Profane
Henry Sorenson
Peter Ker Walker - Putting Together the Puzzle of Design Issues
Thomas Wood


Spring 2006

Frank Barkow
John Brown
Merrill Elam
Richard Fernau
Bert Bregory
Laura Harman
Ferd Johns
Paffard Keatinge-Clay
Bret Nave
Lori Ryker

Fall 2005

Will Bruder
Byoungsoo Cho
Phil Gruen
Cameron Sinclair
Luis Longhi


Spring 2005

Marta Male-Alimany
Terry Beaubois
Thomas Bitnar
John Brittingham
Sara Caples
Everado Jefferson
Ferd Johns
Kathleen Liston
Jim McDondald
Susan Rodriguis
Carol Ross Barney
Scott Simpson
Jose-Pedro Sousa
Charles Thornton

Fall 2004

John Brown
Steven Bull
Anthony Burke
Don Carlson
Frank Costantino
Camerson Sinclair
Paul Whiting
Saul Zaik


Spring 2004

Lucia Athens
Wiinka Dubbeldam
Jeanne Gang
Eddie Jones
Ben Lloyd
Steve Ratchye
Joe Valerio

Fall 2003

Jefferson Ellinger
Christopher Grubbs
Grant Gustafson
Lisa Iwamato
Clark Stevens
Nona Yehia


Spring 2003

Steve Badanes
Fu-Tung Cheng
Merrill Elam
Pliny Fisk
Ferd Johns
Sim Van der Ryn
Paul Shepheard
Henry Sorenson

Fall 2002

Fernando Delgado
William Massie
Shannon McDonald
Giancarlo Paci


Spring 2002

Thomas Bitnar
Peter Bohlin
Brad Cloepfil
Daniel Libeskind
Bing Thom
Dan Meis
Sim Van der Ryn

Fall 2001

Frank Barkow
Albert Borgmann
Frank Costantino
Stuart Emmons
Diane Lewis
Lucy Lippard


Spring 2001

Byoungsoo Cho
Zvi Hecker
Ralph Johnson

Spring 2000

James Carner
Rick Joy
Bong-Ryal Kim
Tom Porter
Mark Robbins
Nader Tehrani
Pat Zentz

Fall 1999

Byoungsoo Cho
Brad Cloepfil
Stuart Emmons
Karen Fairbanks and Scott Marble
Gene Kolstad
Leon Krier
Glenn Murcutt
Hani Rashid
Billie Tsien and Todd Williams
George Wagner

Spring 1999

David Baird
Terry Beaubois
Liseanne Couture
Michael Pyatok
Mark Roddy
Greg Wagoner


Fall 1998

Thomas B. Moore
Antoine Predock
Michael Rotondi
Clark Stevens