On April 17, 1998, the first Advisory Council (AC) meeting was held at MSU’s School of Architecture and included six alumni, Wayne Berg, Warren Dean, Bill Hoy, Larry Hurlbert, Jerrily Kress, and Keith Rupert, invited by the then Director of the school, Clark Llewellyn. Since that first meeting the SoA has hosted meetings each year and built a membership of 50 architects and professionals. The AC has moved forward to include industry professionals in its membership and established a Graduate Council (GC) to support the school's relationship with recent graduates.

Effective January 1, 2014, the professional architecture program, Master of Architecture, was formally granted an eight-year term of accreditation. This new, maximum term of accreditation was approved by the accrediting body for architecture programs, the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), in March 2013 and put into effect for all decisions made after July 1, 2013. The program is scheduled for its next accreditation visit in 2022. Of note, the accreditation team highlighted the advisory council in the visiting team report. "...It [Advisory Council] has been instrumental in establishing and funding a number of endowments. The council is active in advising students, conducting lectures and studio critiques, and providing internships." The team also noted that "The SoA has a very strong connection with the alumni...and with...professionals.... These professionals also help students prepare their resumes, mock-interviews and provide employment."


The Advisory Council exists to provide a partnership between the architecture profession and the MSU School of Architecture (SoA). Members are alumni and friends of the SoA who possess an excitement and passion for the MSU School of Architecture and are associated with well-regarded firms and related industries across the country. Twice a year the council meets in Bozeman to foster engagement with the MSU and Bozeman communities while assisting with fundraising and the creation of endowment funds.

The purpose of the Advisory Council is:

  • To establish a network of individuals, organizations, institutions and businesses that are capable of expanding opportunities in instruction, research and outreach programs for the School of Architecture
  • To act as a catalyst in bringing together individuals, organizations, institutions and businesses seeking greater understanding, college collaboration, and involvement in higher education
  • To provide financial support for the betterment of the School of Architecture

Over the years, the AC has provided a means of communication between the profession and academia on topics of curriculum, design, innovation and architectural trends. The council participates in fundraising activities, lectures, competitions, design studios, and foreign travel. With the help of the MSU Alumni Foundation, the AC established the Endowment for Excellence, successfully raising $434,872 to date. This endowment will sustain the school into the future. In addition, alumni on the council have also been leaders in fundraising for the Visiting Professorship Endowment that was initiated when approval was given by the MUS Board of Regents for MSU to retroactively award Master of Architecture degrees to our graduates who received a Bachelor of Architecture degree prior to 1997.

Across the nation, council members act as a conduit and “cheerleaders” for our school within the profession. They express their pride in the numerous awards the students, faculty and staff have received, in the quality of our graduates and in the continuous innovation that the school has demonstrated.

Every AC member has an individual story to tell of why they attended MSU or why they have joined forces with the school. They take pride in being graduates of MSU and express their gratitude through their membership, generosity and participation in school events. The industry professionals who serve on the council work to connect allied professions to the School of Architecture. This alliance provides students and faculty with an awareness and understanding of industry trends while linking professionals with future architects. Lastly, the Graduate Council aims to offer students advice based on their experiences in professional practice. Their presentations and workshops respond to students' questions about life after graduation and address issues of work schedule, firm differences, salary, licensure, professional expectations, and employment opportunities.

Join us as we begin the next leg of the journey that began over 85 years ago!

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