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School of Architecture Vision

We believe in broad engagement with the cultural and ecological context through architecture’s agency in the world.

School of Architecture Mission Statement

The School of Architecture empowers students to engage the complexities of social and ecological systems through creative, collaborative and ethical design of the built environment.  We instill personal agency, self-reflection and environmental empathy to educate innovators who challenge and advance the design professions.


As a School Community we have identified the following Values that guide us in achieving our vision and mission which are as follows: 

Citizens: our role and responsibility as citizens and recognize the need to approach our profession in a humanistic manner as stewards of our built and natural environment.

Passion: a steady and unrelenting passion and excitement for design, creativity, innovation and engagement with the issues of the built and natural environments.

Design: the design process as an essential process in all aspects of a student’s academic and professional life. Design becomes the fundamental means for actively, creatively and critically engaging the issues of the world.

Agility: the ability to transform and innovate in response to the shifting conditions and opportunities in society.

Experimentation: an education that embraces experimentation and risk taking that leads to innovation and discovery in order to influence the role and impact of design on society and the future.


Choosing Promise: Montana State University’s Strategic Plan

INTENTIONAL FOCUS 1: Drive Transformational Learning Experiences Creating Outstanding Educational Outcomes for All Students

Montana State University students are challenged and changed by their active participation in high quality, innovative experiences at both the undergraduate and graduate level, becoming learned professionals and global citizens.

GOAL 1.1: Broaden access for underrepresented populations and increase academic success for all students through excellence in undergraduate education.

As the state’s land-grant university, Montana State invites participation in exceptional higher education, widens participation of under-represented student populations and improves student success outcomes overall.

GOAL 1.2: Expand high-quality graduate education

Montana State University will enroll and graduate more degree-seeking students at the graduate level and enhance the quality of graduate degree programs.

GOAL 1.3: Implement evidence-based high quality, high impact teaching and learning practices for every student

Montana State University improves the curricular and co-curricular experience with demonstrated educational practices integrated with discovery and engagement that enhance learning and develop engaged global citizens and informed professionals.

INTENTIONAL FOCUS 2: Improve Lives and Society through Research, Creativity, and Scholarship

Montana State University faculty, staff, and students are known nationally and internationally for discovering, applying, testing and sharing knowledge and creative works that expand understanding and positively impact lives and society.

GOAL 2.1: Enhance the significance and impact of scholarship

Montana State University research and creative activity demonstrates impact on the state’s and the world’s pressing challenges through application of our discoveries in communities, industry and organizations, as well as through academic indicators of the expansion of knowledge. 

GOAL 2.2: Expand interdisciplinary scholarship

Montana State University’s interdisciplinary expertise as the University of the Yellowstone™ carries unique possibilities for inference, translation and impact. Our research and creative activity throughout the university increasingly spans traditional disciplinary boundaries to solve the world’s pressing challenges. 

GOAL 2.3: Strengthen institutional reputation in scholarship

Montana State University’s success in scholarship results in increased state, national and international prominence.

GOAL 2.4: Elevate expectations for scholarship

Montana State University faculty, staff and students hold themselves to the highest standards of research and creative outcomes.

INTENTIONAL FOCUS 3: Expand Mutually Beneficial and Responsive Engagement for the Advancement of Montana

Montana State University students, faculty and staff work together and with partners across the state and around the world to enhance the well-being of individuals, organizations and communities.

GOAL 3.1: Increase mutually beneficial collaborations with Tribal nations and partners

Montana State University works cooperatively with Tribal governments, colleges, community groups and Indigenous students to develop and achieve beneficial outcomes.

GOAL 3.2: Grow mutually beneficial partnerships across Montana

Montana State University and its partners attain collaboratively defined outcomes that improve the lives and livelihoods of Montanans.

GOAL 3.3: Foster a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and individual growth

Montana State University and its students, faculty and staff engage in a reciprocal relationship that values each member and improves the university environment.

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