The Foreign Studies Studio is offered in both fall and spring semesters. The fall semester has historically been to Europe with the spring semester rotating between Central America, South America and Asia/Oceania.

This studio is a uniquely structured study under the direction of architecture faculty members. This studio is a 12-week study focused on examining architecture through the holistic study of urban environments, combining design, urban design, architectural history and theory, drawing and pre-travel research outside the traditional studio environment. Assignments may include field observation sketching, in-situ design exercises and urban design proposals. Specific destinations in a region are selected by faculty members based on their own research, interests and areas of expertise. Students can expect to visit multiple cities within a particular country.

Recent Iteneraries

  • Fall 2010- Europe- England, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain
  • Spring 2010- South America- Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru
  • Fall 2009- Europe- The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Turkey
  • Spring 2009- Asia/Oceania- Australia and Japan
  • Fall 2008- Europe- France, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco
  • Spring 2008- Central/South America- Mexico, Peru
  • Fall 2007- Europe- Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Spain
  • Spring 2007- Guatemala- Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico
  • Fall 2006- Europe- England, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey
  • Spring 2005- Asia- India, Nepal

Rome Studio

Montana State University School of Architecture’s Rome Studio is an annual summer semester of study in Italy now in its fourth year. Prof. Peter Kommers, a former Rome Prize laureate of the American Academy in Rome, established and leads the SoA Rome Studio. The studio studies in Tuscan and Umbrian cities with a stay in the ancient center of Rome. Visited cities and side trips include Orvieto, Siena, Florence, Cinqueterra, Pisa and a country villa in Perugia during the northern travel segment. While completing full time fourth year credits in Architectural Design, Western Architectural History, and Directed Creative Activity, students also stay in apartments near the studio in Rome, steps from the Pantheon.