Built upon the foundations of the first three years, the fourth year consists of one required studio course during one semester and a selection from one of the option studios in the other semester. Every student must complete a capstone studio emphasizing professional responsibility in which the student synthesizes program development, site development, structural systems, environmental controls systems, principles of sustainability and graphic communication.

During the other semester—whether summer, fall or spring—all students choose among studying in the Foreign Study Program, completing an approved Internship, working in the School of Architecture Community Design Center, enrolling in a Design Build Studio or completing an approved off-campus program of study. With the satisfactory completion of the fourth year of study, students receive a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design.

Major Courses

During the fourth year of the program one takes required architecture courses as well as core curriculum courses. For a course to count as either a Degree Requirement or a CORE course toward graduation requirements a student must receive at least a C- or better.

The course load for the fourth year of this program includes:


As a fourth year student one will need to take two studios. The required fourth year studio is ARCH 456. The studio, ARCH 456, may be taken in the summer or fall semester. In the summer semester ARCH 456 is offered in both Bozeman and Rome.

Option Studio 

All fourth year students also take the fourth year option studio. Students may choose from the following four options to fulfill the Option Studio Requirement:

Study Abroad: 
Fall- Europe Spring- South America or Asia Click here for the current itineraries.

Remote Studio/Design Build Click Here for specific information about the Artemis Institute.

Internship Click Here for specific information.

Community Design Center (CDC) Click Here for specific information

Need help planning fourth year studio? Click here to download the fourth year planning chart.

Fall or Spring Semester    
ARCH 456 Architectural Design IV** 4
Univ Core (W, US, D, CS, R/IH, R/ IN, or R/ IS) 5
Non-Arch Electives Bldg Construction I 3
Total   15


Studio Options Architectural ARCH 450 Community Design Center 5
Electives   7
Total   15


ARCH 414 Architectural ARCH 450 Community Design Center 9
ARCH 428 Foreign Study History 3


ARCH 458 Arch Design VI 9
Electives   7


ARCH 476 Internship 12


Curriculum Degree Plan

Advising Notes

Each semester preregistration occurs around the midterm for the upcoming semester. As a student in the Environmental Design program on receives group advising during either studio or support courses. During this group advising session, Rachael Ortego, the Director of Student Services will discuss the registration process and distribute important advising information such as Registration PDF’s and Advising Notes. Each semester the Advising Notes will also be posted on the website. Students will be notified of their group advising time prior to the second month of each semester.

Graduation Notes

Students should be aware of the need to fill out an Application for Baccalaureate degree by the 15th class day of the semester prior to the graduation date. To obtain the Application for Baccalaureate Degree please click here. Please note that Application for Baccalaureate Degree must be filled in electronically, printed, signed and turned into Rachael Ortego by the deadline.