Need to figure out what CORE is lacking?

  • Click here to download and print the CORE Audit sheet
  • Sign into MSU “My Info” account and review the unofficial transcript.
  • Complete the CORE Audit worksheet by filling in the appropriate categories with the classes completed. (Remember some architecture classes count as CORE class as well; ARCH 121IA= Arts requirement, ARCH 151RA= Research requirement, MATH 151Q or 171Q= Quantitative requirement)
  • The areas left blank on the worksheet indicate the CORE to be completed.

Need to find out what specific CORE classes are offered for a semester?

  • Check on the online CORE Searchable database to find a full listing of CORE classes for a semester.
  • Link to: the online CORE Searchable database
  • Go to the MSU home page at
  • Click on “My Info”
  • Choose the option “CORE Classes” from the list of option
  • Select the semester and CORE category requested. Then click on “Search Class”

Non Architecture Electives

Please note that in addition to fulfilling degree requirements, students are required to have a minimum of 45 course credits from outside of the Architecture department to complete the Master of Architecture degree requirements. For tuition purposes most students take these non-Architecture electives prior to finishing their Bachelor’s Degree. The courses taken to fulfill CORE count towards these 45 hours. If the CORE is fulfilled, a student should begin to take additional non-architecture courses.

Want to calculate the number of Non-Architecture electives currently completed?

  • Sign into MSU “My Info” account and review the unofficial transcript
  • Count the number of credits completed in non-architecture courses. This includes any course that does not have ARCH as the course listing. Both Math and Physics should be included in this total as they are non-architecture courses.

Want to confirm if on track with Architecture courses?

  • Click here for to download a Major Course Checklist
  • Access one’s unofficial transcript by logging into the “My info ” account
  • Complete the checklist by filling in the courses completed.
  • The areas left blank on the checklist indicate the Major requirement courses still required.