The following documents must be submitted by the appropriate published deadlines:

Graduate School Application found at

A $60.00 non-refundable application fee payable to Montana State University. This fee will be paid online as part of the online application process.

Transcript/s Transcripts from all post-secondary work should be submitted using the College Net Application system.                     Special Note-If you earned your Undergraduate degree from MSU you should upload an unofficial copy of your MSU transcript.  You can create this by logging on to MY INFO, Select Transcript, Select all and paste into a WORD document and then save as a PDF. UPLOAD the PDF to College Net. If you didn’t earned your Undergraduate degree from MSU you should UPLOAD your unofficial transcript and have an official transcript sent to MSU School of Architecture, 160 Cheever Hall, Bozeman MT 59715.

3 Professional Letters of Reference During the online application process, applicants will be asked to provide information about their references. The electronic process will prompt each reference to submit a signed reference letter electronically.   NO Paper Letters of Recommendation are to be submitted. At least 2 of your recommendation letters must come from faculty. 1 letter can be from an employer in the Architecture field or a faculty member outside of the Architecture field.

Portfolio All applicants must submit an electronic portfolio as part of the application process.There is no page limit to the portfolio.  The portfolio should not be larger than 10MB and should be UPLOADED as a PDF to College NET application. Portfolios should be comprehensive and include work from 2nd, 3rd and 4th year. .

Graduate Record Examination official results.The GRE is required for admission.  The Writing score you receive will be used as 10% of your overall admissions score.  The Verbal score you will receive will determine if you are eligible to be apply for a GTA position.  To be a GTA you must receive at least a 148 on the Verbal portion. No specific overall score is required .Scores should be sent to MSU (CODE 4488) GRE Scores are valid for 5 years

  • Admission based on GPA (40%), portfolio review (50%) and Writing Component (10%)
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • A minimum studio average grade of “B” (3.0) is required for acceptance into the Graduate Program. Any student who does not have a “B” or better studio average would not be permitted to apply until they retake a studio to raise the overall studio average to a “B” (3.0). Studios included in the average are 151,152,253,354,456.
  • Completion of the MSU Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design or a Bachelor’s Degree in a different field plus proof of completions of all the MSU Environmental Design undergraduate coursework.
  • A minimum rating score of a 6.5 or better on the portfolio. Portfolios are reviewed by a committee of five members. Their ratings will be averaged to give a final portfolio score.
  • Admissions Review is performed by a committee with a minimum of three and a maximum of five faculty.

Graduate Record Examination official results. Admission to the Graduate program is based on GPA (40%), portfolio review (40%) and GRE Writing Component (10%) and 3 letters of Recommendations (10%). Each component is assigned a point value

Admissions Numeric Evaluation Scale Admissions Review is performed by a committee of five faculty members. An admission score is developed based upon the following percentages and are weighted accordingly: cumulative GPA (40%), portfolio review (40%), Letters of Reference (10%) and Writing Component (10%). A perfect admissions score is a 12. A minimum score of 7.6 on a 12 point scale is need for admission.

Scoring Breakdown

  • Cumulative GPA (40%)- Min 3.0/Max 4.0 GPA based on a 4.0 system (4.0 = a letter grade of A)
  • Portfolio (40%)- Min 6.5/Max 12 -Final Score is determined by averaging 5 reviewers portfolio scores.

       12 points Outstanding / 9 points Excellent / 6.5 points Good * Required Minimum / 3 points Poor / 0 points Unacceptable

  • Writing Component (10%) - Min 0/Max 6  This score is the actual score received on written portion of the GRE.
  • Letters of Reference (10%)- Min 0/Max 3 -Letter of Reference score is determined by averaging the overall recommendation criteria from each of the three letters of recommendation.

          Highly Recommend= 3 / Recommend= 2 / Recommend with reservations= 1 /Do Not recommend= 0


Students are placed in one of three categories:

  • Admitted
  • Provisionally Admitted - student may need to fulfill additional requirements for admittance.
  • Denied