Bill Clinton

Instructor and Facilities Manager
phone: (406) 994-4402 

Bill, a Montana native, is a furniture maker, craftsman, musician and artist. His work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Montana and the west coast, and his furniture is seen in many local homes. He has written for Fine Woodworking magazine and his work is featured in their “Best of Tables and Chairs” series. Bill has been active in the local arts and crafts community for many years, helping to establish the Beall Parks Art Center, and serving on many local arts related boards.

He has been teaching design/build classes - including furniture design, chair design, and materials studies - in the School of Architecture since 2003. His current materials studies design/build class, “Structured Improvisation”, explores the metaphorical, mathematical and physical connections between music and architecture. In addition he directs the SOA Fabrication shops. Since 2003 Bill has upgraded all shop tools and facilities and created the 3D/Laser Room which houses laser cutters, 3D printers, 3D scanners and wood and metal CNC machines.

Bill is currently part of an interdisciplinary art project, the NeuroCave Collaborative, working with other faculty from Architecture, Art, Music, Neuroscience and Computer Science to create virtual environments with light and sound. Recent research includes the construction and playing of ancient Roman musical instruments, and writing and recording music for the recent Villas at Oplontis exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies.