Steve Juroszek

phone: (406) 994-3921 

Growing up as the son of a builder in northern Wyoming, Steve Juroszek received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Montana State University in 1981. He worked throughout the 1980s at W.C. Muchow and Partners in Denver, Colorado—gaining experience on a wide range of commercial and institutional projects—before returning to the University of Washington. At the University of Washington he undertook a study of the characteristics and patterns of rural environments and received his Master of Architecture degree. After teaching as a part-time lecturer for three years at the University of Washington, he returned to MSU and teaches architectural graphics and design studios.

His research has focused on the area of design communication—both digital and analog. He is an active member of the Design Communication Association (DCA) having served as co-president of the DCA as well as co-chair of threeDCA conferences. He was the co-recipient—with Jeffrey K. Oschner—of the Lionel Pries Prize for teaching at the University of Washington and the MSU President’s Distinguished Teaching Award. He has collaborated with Professor Emeritus Francis D.K. Ching on Design Drawing and with Steven R Winkel and David S. Collins on a series of publications illustrating the building codes including Residential Building Codes Illustrated.