Jessica Jellison


Jessica Jellison is a licensed architect registered in Montana and Idaho, operating her private practice out of Bozeman, MT.  Jessica graduated from Montana State University with a Master of Arts in Architecture in 2005 and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design in 2004 receiving numerous honors and awards; the most distinguished include the AIA Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of Merit for earning the top GPA in her graduating class and the Woods Prize enabling her to study architecture throughout Europe with a semester focus in Italy.   

Jessica considers the teaching and practicing of architecture to be synergistic and has instructed various levels of Architectural Design and Architectural Graphics at MSU School of Architecture part-time since 2009. Jessica is also an individual of two MSU based interdisciplinary teams, The Einstein Collective and The NeuroCave Collaborative, working collaboratively on artscience immersive installations. Recently, the Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning (DSEL), Honors College, Physics Department, and School of Architecture sponsored Jessica and Associate Professors Sara Mast (Art) and Nico Yunes (Physics) to create and co-instruct an interdisciplinary Honors Seminar titled Radical Creativity based on the success of the Black (W)hole project by the Einstein Collective.

Ms. Jellison has served various professional appointments at Montana State University including Program Manager for the Professional Practice of Architecture Graduate Certificate and Research Associate for the Creative Research Lab within the College of Arts and Architecture. The Creative Research Lab formerly coordinated applied research and creative projects that were interdisciplinary and collaborative.