2016-2017 School of Architecture Scholarship Recipients

Here is a list of the 2016-2017 scholarships and their recipients. 
To the recipients: Congratulations on your excellence! 
To those responsible for the generous contributions: Thank you! Your continued support is greatly appreciated by our fine students, faculty and staff.

Scholarship  Recipients Amount
AIAS Cat Card Scholarship Matthew Bridegroom $500.00 
AIAS Cat Card Scholarship Katie Calderwood $500.00 
AIAS Cat Card Scholarship Colton Diehl $500.00 
AIAS Cat Card Scholarship Thomas Femrite  $500.00 
AIAS Cat Card Scholarship Emily Bissen $500.00  
AIAS Cat Card Scholarship Colleen Freiburger $500.00  
AIAS Cat Card Scholarship Tia Hanson $500.00  
AIAS Cat Card Scholarship Cameron Livdahl $500.00  
Bergum Architectural Design Scholarship  Jordan Hantke Campbell $1,000.00
Bergum Architectural Design Scholarship  Carmen Scraper $1,000.00 
Bill and Meredith Gisness Scholarship Marissa Miller $1,000.00
Bud Anderson Memorial Design Competition Scholarship - 1st Place Kelly Olinger $2,500.00 
Bud Anderson Memorial Design Competition Scholarship - 2nd Place (Group) Will Faulkner $750.00
Bud Anderson Memorial Design Competition Scholarship - 2nd Place (Group) William Wright $750.00 
Bud Anderson Memorial Design Competition Scholarship - 3rd Place  Kelli Littleton $1,000.00
Caleb Acker Memorial Scholarship Celina Brownotter $1,000.00 
Christy Retention Scholarship Levi Wilson $1,000.00
Christy Retention Scholarship Colton Diehl $1,000.00 
Crossman-Whitney-Griffin Scholarship Katherine O'Neill $1,000.00
Davidson Rome Studio Scholarship Eleanor Usick $575.00 
Dowling/Sandholm Scholarship  Shane Caye $1,000.00
Great Falls Society of Architects Scholarship Katelyn Gibbs $1,200.00 
Gutterson Travel Scholarship Wesley Ditmeyer $3,500.00 
Gutterson Travel Scholarship Taylor Falcon $3,500.00 
Hugo Eck Memorial Scholarship Austin Anderson $600.00 
Hurlbert C. & Myrtle H. Cheever Scholarship Katherina Potts $600.00 
Jon R. Jurgens Architecture Scholarship Eleanor Usick $1,500.00 
Jon R. Jurgens Architecture Scholarship Robin Wilder $1,500.00 
Leadership for the Profession Scholarship Elizabeth Seidel $1,500.00 
Locati I Scholarship Jonathon Chavez $2,500.00 
Locati I Scholarship Katherine Potts $2,500.00
Locati II Scholarship Brooke Kervi $2,000.00 
Locati II Scholarship Kelli Littleton $2,000.00
Lowell W. and Mary Memorial Scholarship in Memory of Herb Agocs Geoffrey Zawora $1,000.00 
Marty Crennen FAIA Scholarship Quinton Gangle $1,000.00 
Merylyn H. Miller Memorial Scholarship Andrew Perkins $500.00 
Mosaic Architecture Scholarship Robin Wilder $1,500.00
Montana AIA Scholarship Katelyn Gibbs $1,750.00 
Montana AIA Scholarship Marley Robb $1,750.00 
Nachtsheim/Nordling Scholarship Brooke Jackson $2,250.00 
Nachtsheim/Nordling Scholarship Sarah Burk $2,250.00 
Pamela J. Hill Memorial Scholarship Alexandra Kress $1,200.00 
Robert C. Utzinger Scholarship Kelly Olinger $1,100.00 
Robert Rea Esgar Memorial Scholarship Jonathan Chavez $1,400.00 
Roscoe Hope Ackerly Memorial Scholarship Haley Teske $1,200.00 
Shirlie White Memorial Scholarship Laura Steppel $1,300.00 
SMA Architects Scholarship Ashley Cope $1,000.00 
Terry and Leslie Jackson Architecture Scholarship Aryn Phillips $1,000.00
Woods Prize in Architecture Scholarship Taryn Strope $4,000.00 
School of Architecture Scholarship Dian Dela Santa $1,000.00 

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