MSU architecture grads exceed national average on professional exams

ARE Pass RatesARE Passing Rate Comparisons between MSU School of Architecture and national average (2016-2020)


Graduates from Montana State University’s School of Architecture exceed the national average for passing rates on licensing exams in each area of expertise tested by the Architectural Registration Exam.

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, or NCARB, the organization that oversees the licensing process and standards for architects, posted the 2020 passing rates of the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE), and they show that MSU School of Architecture graduates exceeded the national passing rate in all six divisions.

The six divisions in the ARE licensing exam are: 

  • Practice Management – MSU’s passing rate is 67 percent vs. 51 percent nationally;
  • Project Management – 71 percent vs. 63 percent;
  • Programming & Analysis – 83 percent vs. 50 percent;
  • Project Planning & Design – 72 percent vs. 45 percent;
  • Project Development & Documentation – 73 percent vs. 57 percent;
  • Construction & Evaluation – 76 percent vs. 66 percent;

NCARB’s national passing rates are located at